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A program that specializes in creating balance between your weight loss desires and your busy life.

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Are you going to a wedding or just want to lose weight quickly?

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Hello, I am Renee.

Welcome to Wedding Weight Loss.

Do you desire weight loss and a balanced life?

I started a coaching practice that helps you lose weight while still enjoying your life. 

You can be on a weight loss journey and still have time for everything you have going on in your current life. 

I am human too. I love chocolate, wine, pizza, and having fun.

I am engaged, have two young kids who enjoy extra curricular activities, own two businesses, clean and maintain my own house, enjoy my work outs, maintain my ideal weight, and have time left over for play and enjoy life. 

You don't need to give up your freedom in order to have an amazing body. 

Wedding Weight Loss is for anyone who wants to lose weight (or start) losing weight to create mental freedom without sacrificing the values of fun, desire, and free time. 

This isn’t to say it will be easy. It will stretch you emotionally and physically. It will require you to be willing to be uncomfortable. It will challenge you. I think this is the most amazing part.

In order to create your ideal body and not sacrifice fun or desire, we must get over ourselves in a variety of ways. This personal growth will impact every area of your life making it all so worthwhile.

You will receive guidance about what to do. What to try. What to begin doing or where to go from wherever you are. In Wedding Weight Loss I give you the exact process I use and continue to use to keep my ideal body healthy.

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at my routine, and we’ll work together one-on-one to keep you progressing. 


What You Will Get

Experienced Life Coaching Professional

Wedding Weight Loss that focuses on weight loss and life balance. 

42 Wedding Weight Loss Lessons.

Worksheets to help you work through the content.

Examples of what has worked for Renee in weight loss.

The Wedding Weight Loss Guide (Weight loss & life balance.)

Live calls with Renee where you receive help and guidance. 

Weekly challenges to keep you progressing on your weight loss goals.

Bonus video lessons and advice for you from Renee’s including.

  1. Personal stories on how to deal with hardship

  2. How Renee stays motivated.

  3. How to get to your goal weight and stop fighting with your emotions.

  4. How to love yourself in your new body.




If you want to lose weight and create healthy habits, Renee’s weight loss program is a must! Renee has the perfect balance of love AND support to create the results you want. Her program combines using a daily  protocol, accountability, motivation and weekly personalized Zoom calls to guide you to weight loss and healthy habits. What makes Renee’s 6 week weight loss plan so unique and unbeatable is how she uses thought work to show you how to overcome obstacles and change your life.  I’m so thankful to Renee for helping me achieve my wedding weight loss goals!!

Wedding Weight Loss

Before you sign up, understand, I am not holding your hand. I am going to kick your butt and help you lose weight.

If you want to lose the weight fast, come with me, and trust me.

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