Lose Weight This Holiday Season.

Freedom. Excitement. Weight loss.  

You desire these things. You want them badly.  What if you knew how to create them?

The new Holiday Season Weight loss Course provides a framework for a deeper connection with your body.

The 49 day course curriculum increases your capacity to lose weight and still have fun at all your events.

Certified Weight Loss Coach Renee Senn is your guide to freedom from your current struggle.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn.

The freedom of Holiday Weight Loss.

  • How to form a plan that works for your body.

  • How to increase excitement towards healthy eating  (it’s a skill)

  • How to end urges.

  • And so much more.

This exclusive 49 day course will only be available during the holiday season.

The course launches November 15th through January 3nd,

To join and get access sign up below.

It is time to lose weight this holiday season and still have fun.

See you there.

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Holiday Weight Loss

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November 15th - January the 3rd.

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