Get Results With The Wedding Weight Loss Coach

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If you want to make a significant impact on your overall health, feel more confident, and enjoy your life along the way, and you’re not to your goal weight , then come with me, this is going to be a blast.

After the Wedding

Wedding Weight Loss


    Create Your Ideal Body In 3 Months.
    • Wedding weight loss modules each with video lessons.
    • Worksheets to help you work through the content.
    • The Wedding Weight Loss Guide.
    • Access to live calls with Renee where you can get help.
    • Weekly challenges to keep you progressing.
    • Bonus video lessons and advice for you from Renee.
    • 12 One-on-one 45 minute virtual calls with Renee

    6 (30) minute awareness one-on-one calls with Renee
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Obstacles & Strategies
    • Scaling your success
    • The Future of Your body
    • Creating your protocol.
    • Know your brain.
    • How to stay motivated.
    • How to not sabotage your success
    • Get to your goal weight loving yourself.
    • How to deal with hardship.
  • Awareness Call

    Become a better version of yourself so you can...
    Valid for one week
    • Set more goals.
    • Understand where you are lacking self-confidence.
    • Start taking action.
    • Believe you are capable.
    • Achieve desired results.
    • 45 minute call one-on-one with Renee.
  • October Only Special

    Buy 3 Sessions get 2 Free
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • 45 minute virtual call with Renee Senn
    • Set more goals.
    • Believe you are capable.
    • Achieve desired results
    • Understand where you are lacking self-confidence.
    • Become aware of your why.